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Recent Resources

What Are the Steps to Getting Your Mortgage Loan Officer License?
by The CE Shop Team

Are you looking into getting your Mortgage Loan Officer license, but don’t know where to start? Here’s an overview of the steps you need to take.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Mortgage Loan Officer
by The CE Shop Team

What can you anticipate to be your day-to-day responsibilities as a Mortgage Loan Officer? Here we break down an MLOs expected responsibilities and skills.

Professional Mortgage Organizations You Should Join
by The CE Shop Team

If you’re new to the mortgage industry or looking for new ways to network, here’s a few professional organizations you can join to create a community.

5 Podcasts MLOs Should be Listening to in 2022
by The CE Shop Team

Looking for a fun way to stay informed on the mortgage industry? Check out these 5 podcasts that you should be listening to if you’re a Mortgage Loan Officer.

6 Unique Ways to Market Yourself as a Mortgage Professional
by The CE Shop Team

Finding new ways to market your mortgage services requires constant investment and experimentation. But where should you start?

What Is the NMLS "Successive Years" Rule?
by The CE Shop Team

The NMLS has a rule regarding which Continuing Education courses you can take each year. So what is the "successive years" rule, and how does it affect you as an MLO?

2022 Deadlines Mortgage Loan Officers Need to Know
by The CE Shop Team

As a Mortgage Loan Officer, there are certain deadlines you need to meet each year. Let’s look at 2022’s deadlines so you can stay on top of your requirements.

Is Online Mortgage School Right For You?
by The CE Shop Team

Are you looking into getting your Mortgage Loan Officer license? Here’s a look at what online mortgage school entails to help you decide if it’s right for you.

The Definitive Guide to Becoming a Mortgage Loan Officer
by The CE Shop Team

Are you interested in breaking into the mortgage industry? Here’s a guide you can follow to start your career as a Mortgage Loan Officer.

Mortgage Loan Officer Commission Structure
by The CE Shop Team

Looking at a career in the mortgage industry? You may be wondering how you’ll be paid. Let’s take a look at the commission structure for Mortgage Loan Officers.